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The story of my cute tale

Today I am telling you about my tale because I believe you all would like to understand me better. Moreover, everybody loves my tale and they always crab it. 

If the tale is down I am usually scared, angry or bored.

Turns out if the Beagle does not have white in its tail, it's not 100% pure breed. The amount of whiteness can vary from largely white to only just a few white hairs at the tip but it always looks like dipped into a pot of colour. Further more, the white part is useful in hunting because then it is really easy to spot us in the bush. 

Did you know our tail is often called a metronome?! Because we tend to be happy most of the time and we love people but we wag our tail only when other living beings are around. Obviously, when we are alone we don't wag because this is our way of communicating and nobody wants to speak to the wall. There is also a study made that if the tail wags more to the right of our butt then we have a positive feeling but if more to left then negative feeling. Reason is simple, since the left brain controls the right side of the body and the right brain controls the left, activity in one half of the brain shows up as movements on the opposite side of the body. 

I hope you got something new from this! Stay tuned for other knowledge full posts :)


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