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Do Beagles like water?

Made by Irene Ranneva

When I was little I hated water, even small shower was total pain. I always thought it is a punishment. but after half a year I started to tolerate it. I don't enjoy it but I realised the less I struggle the faster the whole circus is over.

Made by Irene Ranneva
After the shower I head right for the nearest sofa and roll like mad. I think my mum is not that big of a fan when I make the whole sofa wet but she started it. I don't think I need a shower at all but she seems to wash me every time after rainy walks or muddy digging. The weirdest time was when I rolled in a liquid poop and she was washing me 5x in a row. Sometimes it is so hard to understand her.. At least a nice snack follows this procedure and these things I like, so I think we have found a half compromise. 
Made by Irene Ranneva

Even though I don't like taking showers that much I love the sea. Although, most beagles really don’t like water and are not normally swimmers. I believe I can write it off to the fact that we have been around the sea since April already and I admit, I was scared at first times but when I saw how fun it is to jump over the waves I now go willingly :) Also, most of the cases I am led off-lead so this means free running and sniffing. I know beagles are not recommend to let off-lead outside unless in an area that is completely fenced but I have my nose and I can smell my people by far. However, they tend to call me back a lot so there is no need to sniff where they are. 

I enjoy running into the waves and bringing the stick or a toy. Best game ever!
(Made by Irene Ranneva)


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