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How I became a healthy energy drink Verve model?

My modelling career started almost the same month as I moved in with my family. (September 2014)

This is my very first Vemma photo series.
I can't believe I was so tiny that I could fit in the box with all the cans.

410 likes was not bad or what do yo think?

I tried to sleep in there but you know me, I am more in the bed sleeper than on the floor. 

I feel nice with these glasses. They bring my natural coolness out :)

If there is nothing interesting going on Verve box is a good time passing toy.

I was waiting when they are not looking at me because frankly I like Remix too.

If I am tired of posing I put my magic glasses on and vanish to the other world.

Are you curious what is Remix or Verve or Vemma? Check it out here or if you have any questions leave me a comment.


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