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Lets Roll sushi - ever tried?

I love my people because they do not leave me alone for more than few hours a day max. In my opinion this is perfect but they sometimes complain because I get used with it and then I do not accept if I do not get enough of attention. Today is the perfect example. I am used of going outside for a long walk around 3PM but today nobody moved, was only staring at the computer screen or speaking with somebody through Skype. I only got to go fast to garden for pee and then back in again. I tried whining, barking, yawning etc but still nothing changed. Hours passed and I thought today I will never get outside. When I lost all my hope and went to sleep I heard my name. It was 8PM!! And it was true, we went outside to the old town. I met 3 nice girls on the way who spoke with me :) One horrible thing happened too. There was a road fixing going on and I am terribly scared of these machines I thought I could pass BUT another scary thing was on my side A BROOM. This was even more bad. Luckily I had snacks to take my attention off and we could continue in peace. One lamb on the freaking window scared me later too.  I know, I am easy to scare.. Finally, we reached to the ending point - sushi place "Lets Roll". The best one in town. I guess I like it because the girl who works there has a Beagle puppy so this means one new friend in the park for me :)


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