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Details about my labor

My labor lasted 36h in total. I know they say it is between 4-24h but I wanted to be legendary! 4th of May I started panting and I constantly moved a round the house because I felt uncomfortable. My human slept with me in the living room because she thought it will happen at night time. Guess what?! I did not think so. 5th of May morning I wanted to make a nest in the basement because there is a lovely part with sand that I enjoy so I felt like this could be a perfect fit for me. My human did not think so, I still wonder why?! Well okay, I understand they handmade me my maturity station and it would have been nice to deliver puppies there. So in the end I did it only for them you know. Another thing people say is that during labor there should be something easy to clean under the dog but seriously I am a lady and I am not going to sit on some plastic bag or something else. I needed my comfy blanket there with me. Luckily my human often understands me.

During the morning time I emptied my digestion and through up 3x as well to be ready for the baby marathon. When the planket was put in the nest I sat there and my water broke. Soon after this 3:15 PM my very first baby puppy was born. Välk aka Thunder because the sign on the neck, weight 385g.  At first I was having trouble to understand what is going on and who is this little fella. 4:21 PM arrived lady Täiskrae aka Full Neck and I was happy but tired, weight 364g. I had a tiny issue as well - no milk came out of me. My human was in a small panic because babies need to eat after every 2h. The panic grew bigger when the third puppy came out with foot first at 5:35 PM and the fetal bag around him was broken. What's more, he was the biggest of them all, weight was 433g. It was sad but we did not manage to save him.. his spirit was way too big for this world. I was so exhausted after all this that I slept a bit and this meant time between the next puppy was 2h and running. They say that if you don't deliver puppies max after 2h you should ask doctors help. I had my constructions starting exactly 2h point but after pressing crazy hard already 30minutes we went to see my doctor who we called out. I was afraid of the c-section but turned out they could just put the hand in and take the puppy out. I was relived. The boy came out at 9 PM and weight was 374g. We named him Poolkrae aka Half Neck. They put me down on the floor to wait for the last pup but this one just popped out. I did not even sat down. The last baby girl, she is the smallest, Stringi aka String. Born at 9:30 PM and weight 360g. At 11 PM I was again home and nursing my dear babies.

This day was a miracle. I understood how fragile life is and how instincts work. I was totally surprised that I knew what to do. That I need to chew the umbilical cord and lick the puppies try but I can't bite them and I need to be really gentle.

Furthermore, first 2 days, I was crazy protective and I did not even want to go pee outside. My humans forced me to do it but I was screaming all the way out and back in. I have no idea what our neighbors thought.. You wouldn't even imagine the sound. While days go by I start to understand that nobody wants to hurt my babies I am still careful but the picture starts to come together. At day 3 I came out of my maturity box for 5 minutes and already asked to go outside myself. Day 4 and 5 I already walked around the house but if somebody enters I run back to the box. At day 6 I spent outside 15 whole minutes to smell and bark and do all the old dog stuff. I am coping to be a mum and I love it. All my babies are adorable but you know, you have seen the photos. This whole pregnancy and puppy delivery has been unbelievable amazing experience. I am happy to be part of it :)


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