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A proper city beagle hunting suit

I know that I am a hunting dog and my ancestors hunted rabbits with the ancient Romans but seriously, I live in the city so I am sure you agree with me that it is perfectly okay if I do not hunt. Of course, if I catch a good smell I am going to follow it. Did you know that even a humorist Dave Barry once described Beagle as a nose with four legs?! It is the best way to describe me because I truly follow my nose first in every situation. 

Going back to the topic of hunting then I was bred to hunt in packs so I ALWAYS need someone on my side before I even try hunting. My true nature enjoys companionship. Everybody notices it on the playground. 

In general, running is my favourite hobby but if they send me to a hunting war I have to put this suit one. It is perfect for hunting or playing with cats because I will never hurt anybody but they might hurt me.

Btw: My grandpa wanted me to kill a mouse that he found in the seller the other day but it had so scary voice that I ran away.. 


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