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Beagle Teething - I have a different story

Today happened an amazing thing :) As you might know I am currently 1,3 years old but until now I had in my mouth two fangs on one side of the mouth - one of course was my baby teeth. Usually we change out teeth between 3 to 7 months so you might understand that already 4 months ago doctors wanted to pull it because it is recommended to have a veterinarian perform a dental checkup if the puppy still has baby teeth at the age of 6 months. Luckily I managed to do my best and chew everything as much as I could so it simply dropped out. No visits to the doctor with that issue anymore.. Yeeiii!! 

Actually, this was the first tooth somebody saw me changing because when I  lost all the others they were too tiny to see or I simply swallowed them while eating or playing. I was chewing a lot back then too so I made it on purpose as hard to see as I could.  Everybody at the house was curious how do I change my teeth so I though that I can show at least one since they are my family. (and to be sure they know I do not need to go pull it out!!)


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