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ACANA DOG PACIFICA - amazingly gooD

ACANA is from now one my new favorite - 60% fish which is never frozen:
Canadian Salmon – whisked from Vancouver’s Pacific waters and delivered fresh each day

Wild-caught Herring – from North Vancouver Island and delivered fresh each day

Wild-caught Flounder – from North Vancouver Island and delivered fresh each day

Inside is rich diversity of fresh, wild-caught fish which provides a high source of proteins to mirror your dog’s natural diet and nourish his peak conditioning. It is grain-free to reduce unwanted carbohydrates. ACANA features local fruits and vegetables for a rich supply of natural phytonutrients.
Organic sea vegetables and botanicals including juniper berries, lavender flowers, sun-cured alfalfa and peppermint leaf enhance metabolism while nourishing and toning your dog’s digestive tract. Order here because you get a home delivery - easy and nice :)


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