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What might be shocking?

Made by Martti Sooman
You probably know I am awfully cute but what you don't know and what might be shocking is the fact that I can make a scary face. More over I can make a fears sound that goes with it. However, I am not an angry dog but sometimes I get into conflicts between my friends. I guess I have 5 truly good friends and with others I don't really even have the will to play anymore. But you know what they say - you can't have too many good friends :)

Anyhow, what often surprises me is that dog owners freak out so easily when we play outside. Specially, when there is a conflict between dogs, they start to come between us but we want to solve it the only way we know how – through displaying dominance and aggressive behavior. The more dominant dog will defend her role to maintain her power. If the owner takes the dog away before we can finish our solving process then we might be angry at each other forever.  Just thought to share my amusement :)


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