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How I was played

You have no idea how I was played today. Lets start from the beginning. Morning was nice and as far as I understood they took me to a very long walk. It was extremely nice because we are not going that way often and I had a lot to smell around. 

From far I noticed a dog supplies store - amazing. But we walked past it.. I was truly confused. Anyhow, we entered to the place were I smelled food so I already forgot the toy possibility. Everything happened so fast. Suddenly I was on the table and my human is feeding me snacks, let me be clear, my favorite snacks and A LOT. I thought maybe it is some holiday in Estonia but this thought vanished when one guy came next to me with a needle. I finally understood, I was at an animal doctor and I got my shot. How rude is to trick me like this. Don't you think?! At least I got a candy stick and more snacks then usually so I guess it was kinda okay.

On the way home I got to dive into big leaf piles and run as fast as I wanted. We also visited dog park and I got to meet some new Beagles. One was cool but the other I did not like because this boy only sees meet in me but I am a lady okay?!

So this was my adventure today - wish you all sweet dreams :)


  1. Sometimes going to the vet is good because they give you lots of love and treats. Treats are good.

  2. Mine did not give any :( But I agree, me loves treats too. Do you have Facebook profile? Can we be FB friends?


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